Friday, July 31, 2009

What to do with 100L$.....

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So we all know what it's like, you join Second Life and you're faced with a selection of avatars to start with, and I'm sure we can all agree that they're not... well, the cream of the crop!
So this is Bay (Bai meaning 100 in Chinese) She only has 100l in her pocket to make herself look lovely, and this is what this blog is all about, making your self look fantastic with little or no money!

Skins, Shapes and Eyes
The key thing to do is to get a good skin and a good shape, the majority of good skin shops have freebies and so aren’t too difficult to get hold of, shapes are a different matter but some free skins DO come with a good shape!

(From left to right)

Rockberry – Megan A tan – LuckyBoard (0l)
Rockberry – Megan A Natural (Freckles) – LuckyBoard (0l)
Rockberry – Cinderella Hunt Item (0l)
Pleiades @ The Gnubie Store (0l)
Frick – PurpleShadow V2 (0l)
Frick – PurpleShadow and Shape (0l)
Frick – Pink Glammy (0l)
Frick – Fireworks (0l)
Eyes are the window to the soul and so a cute pair are worth splashing out on!Eyes: Intense brown/aqua – Sin Skins @ PixelDolls (10l)


Cheap hair can be found anywhere but sometimes cheap and good quality can be difficult to find. ETD and Philotic Energy have a 1l discount section with seemingly every colour under the sun available for 1l.

Philotic Energy – Peri in Blonde (1l)
ETD – Melanie in Dirty (1l)
ETD – Katherine in Dirty (1l)
ETD – Jolleen in Dirty (1l)
ETD – Chandra in Dirty (1l)


Well I couldn’t have her wandering about in bare feet now could I?


Truth @ The Gnubie Store – Purple Wedges (0l)
R2 – Blue Heels (0l)
Duh – Colour Change Ladies Sneakers (1l)
Duh – Berry Clogs (were 1l)
Duh – Orange Crocodile Wedges (Lucky Chair 0l)

The Night Life

Evening wear, club wear, an evening stroll with a special someone…. Violet and Black are the colours of the night!

1: Random Fashions @ The Gnubie Store - Very Skinny Jeans (1l)
PixelDolls - Atlantis Jacket (10l)

2: Rebel Hope @ The Gnubie Store - Freebie Short Lace Dress (0l)

3: Very Skinny Jeans
Sweet Dreams @ PixelDolls - Open Halter Purple (10l)

4: Sweet Dreams @ PixelDolls - lace black (10l)

Summer Wear!

You didn’t think we’d forgotten about summer? Summer wear is essential in a world where it’s summer all year round! If you're either looking sexy, avoiding being seen in huge shades or jogging on the beach, you always need to look super awesome!
Picture 1: BowerBird - Bauhaus Pendant (20l)
BowerBird - Retro Zoo shades (20l)
SDB – Summer Dress (0l)

Picture 2: BowerBird - Retro Zoo shades
Shampoo - Drop Dress Orange (1l)

Picture 3: PixelDolls – Bikini (10l)
Nala – Sunglasses (0l)

Picture 4: Nala - Sunglasses
Nyte 'n' Day @ The Gnubie Store - Ice Cream Outfit (0l)

Chilling Out

After looking sexy all night and cool out in the sun, you just want to kick back and relax with friends, shopping, watching a movie and just looking plain cute!

Picture 1: Honey Soul - Rising Star (0l)

Picture 2: Chikka Design (0l)

Picture 3: artilleri @ The Gnubie Store - Jennae dress in pink (1l)

Picture 4: FD @ The Gnubie Store- Chu (0l)
Very Skinny Jeans

And Finally

If you just want to look really, really bizarre!
PixelDolls - Snake Charmer (10l)

(Items not show AO and Face light (0l) at Rockberry)

Thanks for reading, Have a brilliant Summer!

Saff xxx

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