Friday, July 17, 2009

Mix 'n Match

So let's have a little look at the latest gifts dropped by DSN and groups...
First is PixelDolls last group gift... a delicious silver bikini to be worn tied or untied as you wish. To be noted as well the tintable option so color won't be a problem here ! We can get a nice tan with the color of the day. And for the total sea-look .. I hope you grabbed Tekeli-li gift at Hair Fair !
Next is Silk and Satyr DSN gift... this set of silks is awesome. In my opinion it could also be worn as a very stylish swinsuit though it's not covering much on your behind *grins* Note the drapes are strippable, so yes this was much fun for a certain someone to rip them off while I was dancing at the Club Drow in Avilion Vale.

Last but not the least... A piece of Candy group gift is sooo cute... I wish I would get the same in RL for this summer, as the weather seems not to be tired of being so hot. Mwuah.. thanks designers for the gifts !

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