Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Gurl is Back in Town

i'm ba'aack!!!

So did u notice i haven't been around lately? Did u miss me? LOL. i've been such a *bad* blogger sowwy :-P But anywayz i'm here now so without further ado....

What i've got for u today is.... 2 cool shops and 2 sobby wails.

Lets get 1 of the wails out of the way first heh. Have u ever had those times when rl rears up out of the glutinous swamp where it haz been lurking kinda tamed for the last little while.... and... seizes u round the throat with its sticky tentacles... and... half throttles u as it tries 2 drag u down into the mire so it can chew u up and spit out ur bones? U have? Good... that means i don't have to explain why i haven't been around for a while :-P

So now onto sumthing fun... 2 cool shops... yayz!! ^.^ Today's post features... Sick With Lust and The U-Neek! Woot!!

i should have blogged these like weeks ago but i been busy tryin to escape from that swamp :-P

So lookee at this outfit!! Woot!! Neon is the new pink!! Yayz!!

Peace Bro

This is the Frankenstein dress by super talented Red Pralou of Sick With Lust. It comes in various colours and costs 250L. And it is so much fun to wear hehe... u don't get overlooked in the crowd put it that way ^.~ Give u a tip - ya gotta like Frankenstein LOL. And neon ^.^ And since neon is the new pink... thats not gonna be tooooo hard yes?

At Sick With Lust there is a MM with a cool dress in it which i still haven't got cuz no one will come when i call heh :-P AND there is a lucky toilet that will blow ur... yeh well, just be careful when ur letter comes up allrite? But its got REALLY COOL STUFFS. LOL. And where is this colourful garden u ask? It's Red's garden, it's outside her shop ^.^

So... u noticed the hair? My grey and red wool hair with horns? See here i am pondering how i so luv this hair ^.^ Lookee lookee, close up:


Too cool huh? This is the Devilish hair by treebee Withnail, the designer behind the uber unique The U-Neek :-) i luvs it so.... AND yayz - but hurry hurry - its in one of the...

...FOUR MMs at The U-Neek woot! AND there's another of those lucky (?) toilets with outfits in it... if u dare :-P Three of the MMs have jeans and cool cyber boots. The fourth MM has the Devilish hair ^.^

And while ur there, have a look round, treebee has a little mini treasure hunt she has set out dollarbie green stars and blue kinda duck thingys with gifties in them... i think they are gonna be out til Sunday.

This next hair is The U-Neek's Candifleur hair, totally awesum, the Candifleur was in the MM til midnight last night.. but now its gonna cost u 200L sowwy if u missed it... i took the pics thinking it was gonna stay in the MM... but anywayz its so totally worth the lindens :-P


So... u noticed the dress? LOL :-D

Go On Make My Day

This tutu and the skull stockings are again from Sick With Lust woot. Now this tutu i can't find in the shop... i think i must have got an advance copy... BUT there are a heap of cute net ballet skirts on the second floor AND when the tutu does go out... well this is wot i call a tutu :-D The tops iv scavenged fm various outfits... but the orange top that matches it perfektly is from the Frankenstein dress yayz.

Ok coupla freebies to end with. See the skirt? This is a logo skirt dollarbie from The U-Neek. It hangs beautifully and it is resizable so that is very good.. and i luv logowear when its done well ^.^ And its pink ^.^ And there are lots of other cheapie outfits and hair in a stack at the side of the shop yayz... dollarbies and 5L/10L stuffs... what's not to like ^.^


And then the neccklace - this is free from Sick With Lust, a cute little number which blings red puffs all round ur head hehe... its in the giftie box by the door. (The hair is another style from The U-Neek - WhiteBlak Medulla - not free but amazing)

FreebyJeeby Necklace

All shoez and bootz in this post are the skilled work of Oriana Kuhr of Dilly Dolls (not free).

Now didn't i promise you TWO sobby wails? i think i did. So here is the second wail:

You noticed the skins yes? Aren't they divine? Oh yeh they so are ^.^ U want them. i want more of em. Well... toooooo bad :-P These skins are by Ellie Celt of Eat Rice. And that means, yes, that's right, Eat Rice exists no longer, for quite a while now. i just thought i'd share that with u since im in a kinda waily mood right now :-P


So lets hear it... all together now...


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