Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flash Special

Sorry to interrupt your usual program, but ....

Pose shown : (left to right) Demi pose _ Diesel BeanBag _ Dyna pose

.. but Diesel Works is having a sale and you had to know this ... didn't you ? But this sale is for group members only, so if you've not been worshipping Diesel before (what were you doing ???) it's now time to join the group ! How will this work ? Easy !

Step 1: Join Diesel Works. There is a fee of 125L to join the group, but this is *so* worth it. Why ? Because Rogan is generous. And when Rogan does a gift it's way more than a 125L. Plus.. if you want immediate results, if you go shopping at the sale, you'll save way more than a 125L so awesomess on both sides!

Step 2: WEAR YOUR TAG. If you do not wear your tag you'll not get the refund of 40% of the price. Yes.. I did say 40% like in 40% off. But I also said *wear your tag*.

Step 3: Go and be the pose addict we all know you are... just like meh actually.. but heh.

One last detail though, but it's as well written in big red letters once you get at Diesel Works.. the sale is for all single pose pack, EXCEPT the modelling stool. Now go grab the goodies..

Pose shown : From Ballerina pack.

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