Thursday, July 2, 2009

Status Quome: Goofing Off!

I went to this store called Malizz Yiyuan for a free pair of hightops, but I found a lot more! There's a lucky board, a camp chair, and a bunch of freebies, plus some cool hair and random fun stuff!

Wiggly bunny ears and carrot, shoulder duckie, bubble wand with animation, and all clothes & hair in two free and 1L gift boxes... shoes are 1L on the wall near the door. I had to go with gray so you could see the bubbles, lol. Skin, free at Aimesi!

This is too fun! A cupcake raincloud! OMG I want to have cupcakes pouring on me, don't you? It's in one of the boxes too. Outfit with rainboots and hair 1L near the lucky board. Umbrella from ModdG, former giftie I think.

Camping gift "Discooo" includes repeat-color-changing PornStar hightops and skirt, and it has little music notes that come out of the headphones. Ghetto blaster is from Mela's at Hair Fair.

Carnival and Strawberry hair, not free (150L) but cuute! Both have colorchange menus. Strawberry nom from lucky board. Skins in last 2 pics free from Diversity at Hair Fair.

Malizz Yiyuan Creation
Mela's at Hair Fair
Diversity at Hair Fair

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