Friday, July 10, 2009

Meeep Meeep

Meh loves those great days with delights like Kouse and Boaz gowns... First picture is Christina.. last dream by Kouse.. for those who missed it ... Christina was introduced with a special offer for Canadian national day... 75L for a special edition.. awesome no ?
PLUS Kouse organised a little hunt at her store in Seabreeze.. you better hurry if it's not already finished.

And Boaz keeps me stunned with her latest creation... Jilyan... also available in a fae (short) version but the wonderful Rosie will be presenting it to you since she is a better fae than me !

Also I apologise for not posting a lot lately.. For those who spotted the info, I started a new job which is terribly time eating and .. unplanned detail... it's also awfully exhausting me physically and mentally for it's not what you can call a good position... so I'm fixing it and I'll try to be more there.. Sorry guys. Hugs

Update by Rosie

Here they are, the fae versions...

The wings are from (left to right) Wings'n'Things (long gone unfortunately) Fairy Pearls, Chaospire and Material Squirrel
Hair is from the Stringer Mausoleum, and shoes from 50Flats.

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