Monday, July 27, 2009

Before to sleep

Welcome ! Where ? To Mystic Sky of course ! Let's first start with the free outfits generously offered by Skyler John. So if you plan on visiting a medieval sim, or if you're just in a fantasy medieval mood, go get those awesome outfits for you and your beloved !

Next is Raven Gown in Summer Blue, which has been sent out to Mystic Sky group members as we celebrated the 300th member joining us.

The next two gowns are Aria Swansong's creations, the very same Aria who is behind Aria's Dream. And good thing, they are to get in the lucky chair ! New gifties sound good right ?!

The Llyra gown in pink is simply a miracle and if you remember right the Llyra in Summer Sea was this month group gift ! And the FaerieMeadow is an adorable gown, and its Apricot color, just makes you wan to eat some !

Also note two hairtsyles shown in these pictures.. The very long one in the top picture is Lola, from Analog Dog, and great news, Queue Marlowe, the talented designer of Analog's hair is holding a sale. All items in the sale section are down to 20L and a good amount of other styles have seen their prices reduced!

The other hairstyle to notice is Natalie, the latest release by Kouse's Sanctum. You must also get the accessories specially made to match this style, and delicately crafted by Kouse for you!

And with those last words for you... Meh is going to bed ! Enjoy !

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