Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let's have a night under this Mystic Sky

Yes... I do love Mystic Sky.. Since I first discovered it, thanks to FreeStyle bloggers, I followed carefully everything happening in this magic place. And after my little break of these last days I came back on the most delicious news...
First, a new lucky chair gift.. Arya in white and my my.. this dress is such a delight.. and now you can win it if you're lucky enough like me.. This was our destiny to be together for the second the chair rezzed to me, it was showing a very nice "S" waiting for me !

Second great news is... a contest.
Taking pictures is one of my favourite hobby, I do love messing with lights, settings and everything and each time one of these designers I love organise a contest, it's a challenge and a pleasure for me to try even more than usual to make their work look at its best.
So here it is for the rules of this one:
1.) In order to take part in this contest you must have a Flickr account.
2.) Entries will be accepted starting today 7/13/09 up until 7/27/09. Any entries received after 7/27/09 will not be able to partake in the photo contest. Only one photo entry per person.
3.) All photo entries must be posted to the ~Mystic Sky~ Clothing Design group.
4.) When posting a photo to the group for this contest please put the following information into the description of the photo so that I know it is meant as a contest entry. Mystic Sky Photo Contest and your Second Life avatar's name.
5.) Photoshopping is allowed, be creative and have fun with it!
6.) All contest entries must include at least one outfit from ~Mystic Sky~. (The free Medieval Male and Medieval Woman outfits cannot be used for this contest)
7.) More than one person can be in the photo. However the person submitting the photo is the person that will receive the prize if they win the contest.
8.) By submitting a photo to the ~Mystic Sky~ Clothing Design flickr group you give Skyler John permission to use this photo as an image in the ~Mystic sky~ store if she so chooses. There is a possiblility that some images may be choosen to hang in the main store location.
9.) Have fun! I cant wait to see what creative ideas everyone comes up with!

There will be three winners in total. The first place winner will receive a 2000$L voucher for ~Mystic Sky~, the second place winner will receive a 1000$L voucher for ~Mystic Sky~ and the third place winner will receive a 500$L voucher for ~Mystic Sky~. (all vouchers can only be used at the ~Mystic Sky~ main store location).

So here you go with a sneak peek at my entry... *grins* Have fun and take care of you all !

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