Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hey baby, it's the Fourth of July

4th of July! Woot! Important for our American friends ^.^  So to mark the occasion i had to get me a 4th July outfit... and there were so many cute ones to choose from... and i had to find me a proper USA location... and that was hard... but in the end it had to be *this* and it had to be *here*:


Statue of Liberty WOOT! Ain't she grand? ^.~  Find her at Carnforth here.

The uber-cute dress is Putrid Gloom's 4th July outfit at SMOTD, its not free but its only 50L and i think it so rocks that i could wear it (or bits of it) the rest of the year so it was worth it for meh. The matching shoez are so cute and also re-wearable of course, they are also 50L. U can also get a cute stripy top hat. If u want these u betta run to SMOTD cuz probly this offer is only on this weekend.

So did u notice my cute 4th July ears? These are by Volt and they are only 1L on xstreet. I can't give u the url for that cuz they were a pressie to meh from dear Sexyback Akina who has a heart of gold ^.^   But maybiez u can track them down if u go to Volt. Look... closeup of ears... and Putrid's awesum dress... and the sunset lol:

Im A Fourth Of July Babee

While ur at SMOTD make sure u hit the SMOTD MM board if u haven't done that already. There is the most amazing dress in it - Off With Her Head in red. This dress sez gothic 1950s film noir to me (red is the new black heh) and i luvs it ^.^  i think this dress is only in here til end of today. So go hit it now and get in the last MM round cuz u know u want it, look how awesum this dress is:

In Putrids Room

This pic was taken in Putrid's atmospheric bedroom upstairs at the SMOTD shop, such an awesum little room i luv it ^.^  Go upstairs from this lm and u will find it. The matching shoez - not free - but also at SMOTD luv luv luv SMOTD's shoez...

After all this running round i wuz dead tired. Phew. i needed a rest. Climbing the Statue of Libery is no doddle i can tell ya :-P   i found the perfekt thing. Every gurl needs... a shrub lounger!!! YAYZ!!! i found my perfekt shrub lounger at CORE! Only look how relaxing and comfy, to be able to park ur shrub lounger at some placid place (this placid place is at Gloomyville) and watch the sun go down.... sigh... bliss... the scent of the leaves as u nestle into them... i so need a shrub lounger irl...

Shrub Lounging for Gurls

This uber-awesum shrub lounger for ur house or garden is from Kristya Svenska of CORE and it is in the CORE MM but only til **Monday**. Run Run Run go hit that MM. She has set the target to only 25 BUT.... it resets itself right away and keeps on going once its full so u have lots of chances to get this really cute piece of garden delightfulness :-D  Don't mess about, u haven't got long to get it, go hit the MM at CORE now!

i had to practically sweat blood for this shrub lounger its taken meh days to get it so u gotta know i really really like it LOL. U know how temperamental sl can get with MMs... i had to really stalk this MM with diligence :-P    But it should be way easier now its on a lower target and Kristya has set it to keep on going ^.^

Btw the piercings i am wearing in all these pics... i dunno if u can see em actually :-P but they are very cute, one set is red the other blue... also from CORE a set is on the camp chair and another is a 4th July dollarbie (tho the dollarbie was only 24 hours it might not still be available).

Well i know im a day late with this post :-P  i just had to go to bed half way through but anywayz i got there in the end. Have fun and happy 4th (and 5th LOL) of July to all our American friends <3

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