Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Discord Love

Because Discord loves you and we love Discord.. a quicky look at some gifts you can get from the board and the chairs (Hair and full outfit of the left side) and from the Midnight Mania (purple dress of the right side)
Gotta love it !

Other stuff:

Hair from White Well (lucky board gift) - Skin from Phoenix Designs and Firefall (Isabeau red lips- lucky chair gift)

Final gifts from TPD

Ok the mischievious Mara (yes mischievious.. and again this is a sweet word if you've been trying to find the carrots :p) has placed two more carrots .. which bring the hunt items up to 10 !
So here are the last two items... the leather pants on the left... and the whole outfit of the right...
Soooo perfect for Sua !
So hurry there.. Hunt end on April 1st !

Monday, March 30, 2009

Fae Faire .. fairly good !

Been a good Elvish lady... Then maybe the lucky chair at Fae Faire will reward you with this delicious and flowerish outfit !
And there is just SO much more to see at this store! It's adorable.. so quick.. go in world and give it a look !

Princess of the Night

Name: Silver Love
Condition: Retired
Reward: 1L
This last dress from Lemania is a total must have since it's as well delicate, romantic and totally adorable for you. Only 1L. Only till 9pm SLT today. One last word. Hurry.

Spring is coming...

Dress: Asari's kuro kozakura 1l$
Hair: ETD Carmina, 1l$ in the discount section

Dress: Asari's spring paisley
Hair: ETD Carmina, 1l$ in the discount section

Dress: Mashooka Sweet spring dress, subscribo gift
Hair: ETD Lily, 1l$ in discount section

Did i mention I love Phonix Designs and Firefall ?

Yes .. I might be repeating myself here.. but I DO love them and if you don't worship them yet as well you'll understand why you have to .. like .. just now.

So if you have read my previous posts about it, Phonix Designs and Firefall had a sale going since they moved to their new store location. And last night, if you had followed my advices (you had .. didn't you ?) and bought the great Hood Heels Boots in black or brown.. when the heavenly welcomed notice came out, you just had to run to the store, putting on your boots as you do (don't ask me how though) and quickly park yourself on a Firefall barrel to get ....
.... nothing less than a free outfit of your choice !

Here is the one I picked.. Creed in black and the boots that made my happiness !

Don't forget to pop there and join the group .. would it be only for the lucky chairs there that'll make you a very happy lady !

[Current gifts are Luthien Green Dress, Antiope Blue Dress, Mayoness jewels sets, Frasajas (jewels), Robin Rust outfit, Raveness set (featherish and smexy), 3 sets of skin Isabeau; red, violet and pink lips, and a special version of the Hood Heels Boots] --> See more there

Poetic Eyes, Bubbly Hair and Elven Temptation


Queen has been hiding a lot lately due to my crappy connection... I can hardly run one avi, let alone 2. But this morning when she woke up, she found this amazing hair in her inventory, right next to a dress called Temptress... She hopped to hunt gift eyes and back to the studio to show you her pretty face... Here it is:


Hair: Kitten with a Whip (Vampire red) by Bubbles Clawtooth (Clawtooth by Clawtooth update group, join and check notices).
Skin and shape: Romi 9, Romi Juliesse, lucky board (group only)
Eyes: Easter Lilac, Poetic Colors, Bunny Hop hunt gift.
Dress: Temptress Elven Dress, Simply Fae, not free

Sunday, March 29, 2009

More TPD goodness !

Ok I'm back and as promised I rushed back at Trash Puppets Designs. And you'll never guess what I found... More carrots ! The wonderful Mara Basevi added two more goodies to get !
So let me make a little list. The available gifts are:
The hair, the two whites outfits, the boots (pic here), the skirt (pic here), the brown outfit (male one), a kilt for those gentlemen and a cloak for them as well !
Note the boots are unisex ! So you can drag your man here ... he will not just be standing looking at you hunting.. He'll get his rewards too !

Richy will be posting the men stuff.. Till then thanks so much Mara !! And enjoy it all of you out here !

Lemania gorgeousness

As you may have noticed, my fellow bloggers here at Look what the cat brought are Lemania addicts... I am not. Well, I wasn't, until I spotted today's dollarbie... Purple, elegant and sexy... I love it! Rush to get it because by tomorrow 9 am SLT it will be gone forever!

Now that you've seen it, is there really anything else to say?


Me getting married, awesome people and RFL

Greetings all!

Normally news about my personal life (even if it's my second life) should be posted here, and they will be, soon, with loads of pictures and all. But right now I would like to tell you about the awesome and generous designers who helped make the blushing bride something close to perfection *giggles*. And especially these two:

When I asked my friend Fredrik Writer if he could make me a pair of wings to match my wedding dress, he didn't think for even a second and said yes right away. And they were perfect, exactly what I wanted. I asked him if he could wait until after the wedding to start selling them in his shop, and that's when he told me he had no intention of selling them! He said since he'd given them to me full perm I could sell them myself... Well this is what I'm doing, sort of...

Aryanna DeCuir's talent and generosity are as big as her discretion, but if you read this blog, you probably have heard about her already... she creates, among other beauties, delicate skins. This exclusive design is the one she made as a custom work for my wedding:

Now what's so special about these items? Both are sold in RFL vendors, which means ALL proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. And you can get them in the following places:
Rosie's Thingies, at the Ancient Dreams market
The Store of Tan Tantalus, in Avilion Vale

Now more on RFL:

Since the clothing fair has ended, yet more amazing people have decided there should be a place where the designers could put their RFL vendors all in one place, and here is the result: the RFL market! Look how nice it is! Here's what the sim owners say about the place:
"One World One Hope - Je'taime offers a marketplace to "Relay For Life" - Everybody and every team can use this with just a small Market-License fee of 100L which is also donated to ACS. The goal is to find a collection of designers from all over the grid who will offer their latest designs as well as the items that have been available for sometime now. They will also offer older discounted clothes. The aim of the market place is to have available something for everyone with fashions for both men and women, and also every genre imaginable. Everybody can offer products - only a RFL donated vendor must be used to do so - this is to ensure that with every purchase 100% of the sale goes directly to the American Cancer Society.If you are interested in being involved in this great way to both market your Company and help a great charity, please contact a member of our committee (Saiasunshine Fackler, LordRaizer Cervantes, Aurum Klees, Kelly Parker, Marscha Lowey, Mascha Boa and Nightfly Gothly)

While I was there earlier I met designer Mascha Boa and visited her shop... I found this very pretty and sexy gown, not free but nice all the same. It comes in a gazilion colors and I love it!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Now this first divine dress is again from Lemania but their clothes are so wonderful I have to blog them! This one is for members of their group and is only available for one week from today and is 1L$... So make the most of it. It's aptly named Hope

And this is today's dollarbie, Deadly Violet, which is available until 9am slt tomorrow and once it's gone, it's gone forever!
Both these dresses are to commemorate the fight for cancer.
I will try my best to get most of Lemania's dollarbie to you faithful readers to lavish upon yourselves!

That's a quicky from me .. and TPD !

Hurry at Trash Puppet Designs .. They have a hunt going on till April 1st and this store is to faint for !!

I have it in the previous posts !! Don't tell me you don't remember .. Now here are a few items.. I just miss Carrots 4 and 6 but I'm heading back there as soon as I come back from the weekend break !!!
You can get these two mazing outfits and also the blond hair ... Note the great details and the jewels please !

And here is the guy one.. previously posted on this blog and modelled by my friend Draggy !!

So hurry and I post the rest when I head back.. Promise !

Friday, March 27, 2009

Phonix Designs and Firefall

The wonderful PD&FF team is spoiling us with a limited time sale !!
Go and grab it now!!! It's nothing less than the awesome.. the delightful.. the exceptional Rbon outfit in Pink. Free for 2hours !
Hurry at Phonix Designs and Firefall to get it. Don't forget to look around and to grab the new awesome booties !! Only 99L right now but if you're lucky enough you get them from the lucky chairs !
Thanks Jas and Rainy, you are awesome ladies!

Lemania Indigo Designs' Daily Dollarbie - Crazy Quilt

This dress is an utter riot! I keep thinking of what to say but the dress says it all, it's distinctive, detailed and adorable. The dress comes with three animations and one is honestly how I dance in rl! I don't think I'll take this off for a few days!
It's available until 9am slt tomorrow and it's only for 1L$ so get it while you can cos it's retiring after this!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Because Lemania loves you !

Oh my dear goodness.. it has been long I pop here and now at Lemania, and lately I was trying to get enough stuff from their hunt to have a decent post. So my sweet pies, sit down, watch, read and try to stay calm!

These are the hunt gifts .. soooooo lovely ! I had a really crush on the angelic one... right side on the Drow Sua.
And if you feel adventurous .. Go for the Jane outfit.. Tarzan sweetheart !! Come home !

And my my my .. ever felt like running and humming in the woods in this delicious Red Riding Hood like outfit ?? *wiggles her brows* I know you do !
And who ever said a drow can look good in a flower gown ?? Here is the proof they can !

To continue.. let's go party my sweethearts with those adorable dresses !! Or look mystical in the Faery Dress (skin included)

And the bride will be in violet this year with the delightful "Fresh Violets" dress !

And here comes Saffy first in Fresh violets !!

and in the Escargot dress

Midnight mania at GL Designs

I found this pretty set of 3 dresses in one on a Midnight Mania board at GL Designs, it's scripted and i love it!

.....-----> runs back to work

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cos' the fairies rock.

Tinkerbell is back and believe she is even cuter and sexier than before. Because now.. she shops at Deviance ! Yes this adorable outfit is last release from Deviance and more than that.. a gift from Deviance. Head there, find the little star .. and be the cutest fairy of the woods.

Oh my God.... Fallen Gods

First of all my sweet pies ...

*grins and refrains about commenting Alia's title*
I don't remember how I happened to get the LM of Fallen Gods, whoever sent it to me .. Thanks !! But today I decided to check what this place was. And just wow.
It's not only a shop, it a whole amazingly well-built area with so many things to do !

Get the scroll at the entrance to know everything you can do there... (i.e. explore, enjoy a gentle afternoon in the forest, near the sea, seek hidden treasures, fish, swim .. etc etc etc..)

And did I mention the hidden treasure ? There is a small scroll in the sand right at the landing point. Take it! Solve the riddle and find the reward!
Here is what you will get if you do it !

Hair: Vixen (left one - Myth - Lucky chair) * Magika (right one - Silky - 10L)

Necklace: Fallen Gods (lucky chair gift)

If you are a good drow... or human, you can get this deliciously sensual outfit from the lucky chair.

Ahhh I felt like dancing in the woods wearing this outfit, but it's kinda ... a little bit revealing when you don't have the matching skin... Here the long hair comes handy. But as I said, I had been a very good drow and I got lucky enough to get the Fleur skin from the fortune chair.

Hair: Laqroki - Rain - not free (left one).. and I'm sorry I forgot from where I got the second one.

Now if you are a very very very good drow.. or human.. whatever *grins* .. and if you find the hidden unlucky chair.. you can get this awesome bed. But Alia.. can't you sell the matching guy to take the blue poseball? *giggles*
Now... Get back to SL and hurry to Fallen Gods !

Dare to be sexy

Lucky chair sexyness at Dare Designs

Geisha newness...


The very talented Aryanna Decuir, owner of Geisha Dreams Skins, has just (finally) released her new series! The skins are called Ayame, and if you buy any of the followinf three skins, you get the forth one for free as an exclusive gift...

Ajisai and Iris

Tsutsuji and Sweet Pea

RFL Clothing Fair is over .. but not the RFL time !

Yes the Relay For Life Clothing Fair has closed .. but there are many other RFL events going on.
Thank you all who organised this Fair.. Thank you all who gave to RFL.

Here are pictures of the gifts you could get from the Fair.. Sorry for not blogging faster..
Due to RL (I have hurt my back :( I know .. that sucks) I couldn't work as much as at the beginning of the Fair for the blog.

Hugs all. Have a good day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Romi prettiness

Romi Skins has just released her new group gift, it's on a luck board in her new shop... as usual it comes with a shape and baldy... look how kyoot Queen looks!

More RFL Hunt goodies

I have managed to find a way to be online more than I thought!

So here's another RFL Hunt gift that you can get at Ancient Dreams Market

Lady Boaz made it, and you can find other gorgeous things at her shop, Simply Fae

Other stuff:
Skin: Keiko Claret Kiss (former series) Geisha Dreams Skins ~ not free
Hair: Cupcakes from Magika ~ previous hunt gift
Eyes: Miriel

My dearest friend Maelenn also made an awesome gift:

You can find both (and the Rug for Life I posted earlier) in the RFL hunt treasure chest at the Ancient Dreams Market.



Monday, March 23, 2009

Hunt for life!

Due to my internet problems, this is going to be a short post...

These are the textures of the Rug For Life, the texture change rug i made especially for the RFL hunt... Come and get it here!!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

No blogging for this fae...

Hello all!! As you may have noticed, I seem to have been pretty lazy with blogging these past few days... Well it's not entirely my fault. FIrst of all I am facing RL personnal issues that are a little mind taking to say the least (and I won't bother you with them) and second of all, my internet access at home has gone VERY crappy, which means I usually can't stay online more than 5 minutes in a row, or I have to go to an internet cafe, where I can't TP, can't voice and don't have access to any of my groups... Pretty hard to blog in these circumstances, right?
So, I am trying to find a way to have a better internet access and I will be back on the roll asap. In the meantime, the rest of the team will be here to keep you posted on freebies and awesomeness.



Saturday, March 21, 2009

Aria's Dream

There was a sweet lady.. who had dreams of gorgeous gowns, fine clothing and delicate fabrics. One day she decided to make this dream a reality and here is what happened...
Aria's Dream

Her store is a must see. Everything there is just delicious and done with so much details. You can tell only looking at the pictures the attention she put into her creations.
And during this weekend and this weekend only, she is having a 100L sale.
Everything is 100L and this, even in the gift vendor. But it's for the weekend only and at her main shop.
So hurry there and get like me some outfits !

I couldn't resist but to buy the Ambrosia gown in Waterfall color. This dress is a dream (no pun intended). And a new picture of the March group gift, the Lorien green and gold outfit. Available for 1L for the group members, but you know you can get the other colors for only 100L which is a treat.

So lovelies, let's say a big thank to Aria and show her our love by buying a few sets !

Friday, March 20, 2009

Simply Fae*bulous

*************************** Little Update *********************************************
Here are the other colors of the Avryl gown. Thanks so much Boaz for the great pleassure i had modelling them. I hope i make enough honor to this charming gown.
Also don't forget about the gift. Boaz offers every customers coming to her store the headpiece.
And it's color change !
Have fun and good shopping !

And yes, Boaz has released another delight for our eyes and she is not only spoiling us with fabulous gowns, but till 9AM today, the price of the peach and cream one (modelled by Sua) will be down to 100L for her group members, then back to the 500L which is a 80%off !!
So go and grab your copy of it now before it's too late ! And during all the month of March, Boaz will be offering the little spring crown !

You will notice that you have in each pack a possibility of mix 'n match styles and colors.
For example in the Peach and Cream, you have two styles of skirts in two different colors (not forgetting the ones with or without resizer) and also two different tops to pick from.

Also a little teaser for you: Boaz (Simply Fae) as well as me (I~Mae~gination), Rosemarie (Rosie's things) and the other designers from Ancient Dreams Market will be taking part in the grid wide Relay For Life Hunt.

Starting March 22nd, and promise .. we'll spoil you.