Friday, March 20, 2009

Simply Fae*bulous

*************************** Little Update *********************************************
Here are the other colors of the Avryl gown. Thanks so much Boaz for the great pleassure i had modelling them. I hope i make enough honor to this charming gown.
Also don't forget about the gift. Boaz offers every customers coming to her store the headpiece.
And it's color change !
Have fun and good shopping !

And yes, Boaz has released another delight for our eyes and she is not only spoiling us with fabulous gowns, but till 9AM today, the price of the peach and cream one (modelled by Sua) will be down to 100L for her group members, then back to the 500L which is a 80%off !!
So go and grab your copy of it now before it's too late ! And during all the month of March, Boaz will be offering the little spring crown !

You will notice that you have in each pack a possibility of mix 'n match styles and colors.
For example in the Peach and Cream, you have two styles of skirts in two different colors (not forgetting the ones with or without resizer) and also two different tops to pick from.

Also a little teaser for you: Boaz (Simply Fae) as well as me (I~Mae~gination), Rosemarie (Rosie's things) and the other designers from Ancient Dreams Market will be taking part in the grid wide Relay For Life Hunt.

Starting March 22nd, and promise .. we'll spoil you.

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