Saturday, March 14, 2009

RFL 2009... >>SPOILERS<<

This is just huge..
As you may know it RFL 2009 clothing Fair starts on monday and Mae and I have sneaked on the sims to bring you spoilers... She's doing from sim 1 and up, and I from sim 9 and down... no more words... pics

Sim 9 is basically the "events" sim

Now on sim 8, I started in a shop called Elements where I found lovely RP outfits...

and sexier ones...

My next stop was at Solstice

Then Nova

I love that gown from Clio...

Then I played Peek-a-boo in Paja

I then took a few steps and tried to discover Sam's Secret

Manticorp / E.B.T.

Tuli and a very pretty complete pirate avi... it's absolutely lovely!

This is when I came accross a shop I had never hear about before, Eclipse, and litterally fell in love with the designs there (I joined the group to be informed on new releases and stuff, so there might be posts about them soon). I am only showing you one of the outfits I've been oooooing and aaaaaaaing about for the past 10 minutes, because I'm only halfway down the sim and I really really need to sleep...

Lovely dance fans at Digital Eyes

SF Designs

Solange Designs

Well... due to a very crappy internet access (+RL crap I won't bother you with) I can't access sim 8 anymore, so that's all for today folks. I hope this made you want to see more of it and the 7 other sims. It's for a good cause, every single l$ spent on a RFL vendor is one more weapon in the war against cancer. So go there, brave the lag and save lives.



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