Sunday, March 22, 2009

No blogging for this fae...

Hello all!! As you may have noticed, I seem to have been pretty lazy with blogging these past few days... Well it's not entirely my fault. FIrst of all I am facing RL personnal issues that are a little mind taking to say the least (and I won't bother you with them) and second of all, my internet access at home has gone VERY crappy, which means I usually can't stay online more than 5 minutes in a row, or I have to go to an internet cafe, where I can't TP, can't voice and don't have access to any of my groups... Pretty hard to blog in these circumstances, right?
So, I am trying to find a way to have a better internet access and I will be back on the roll asap. In the meantime, the rest of the team will be here to keep you posted on freebies and awesomeness.



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