Friday, March 6, 2009

First things first... clearance sale at Husky GFX!!!

Here's the story: I was at Husky GFX!!! two days ago because Sua needed new outfits and was being a pain in the donkey because she couldn't decide, when Karigan Ducatillon, the owner and talented designer of the shop, passed by me grunting about how big the place is and still, she has no idea where to put the new items because it's over stacked already. This is when I suggested her a clearance sale, to get rid of her older designs and make room for the new ones. 24hours later when I got online, she had send me an IM letting me know that she had followed my advice and was throwing a discount sale! There is one part in the middle room of the women building, on the top floor (for guuurls) and one part in the middle room of the men building, on the top floor too... All the items discounted are 50% off, they will be available until monday and then they will be gone from the shop forever...

Here are the things I bought for myself, but there are plenty others, and I think Mae/Sua will show some of them to you in her next post

on the left: Courage outfit (125$)
middle and right: Uruloki Red (240l$)
boots: Nerilka Black (125l$)

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