Monday, March 30, 2009

Did i mention I love Phonix Designs and Firefall ?

Yes .. I might be repeating myself here.. but I DO love them and if you don't worship them yet as well you'll understand why you have to .. like .. just now.

So if you have read my previous posts about it, Phonix Designs and Firefall had a sale going since they moved to their new store location. And last night, if you had followed my advices (you had .. didn't you ?) and bought the great Hood Heels Boots in black or brown.. when the heavenly welcomed notice came out, you just had to run to the store, putting on your boots as you do (don't ask me how though) and quickly park yourself on a Firefall barrel to get ....
.... nothing less than a free outfit of your choice !

Here is the one I picked.. Creed in black and the boots that made my happiness !

Don't forget to pop there and join the group .. would it be only for the lucky chairs there that'll make you a very happy lady !

[Current gifts are Luthien Green Dress, Antiope Blue Dress, Mayoness jewels sets, Frasajas (jewels), Robin Rust outfit, Raveness set (featherish and smexy), 3 sets of skin Isabeau; red, violet and pink lips, and a special version of the Hood Heels Boots] --> See more there

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