Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Holi-days!

Today is Holi, a hindu festival, and for this special occasion Mashooka Designs just released a fat pack of three gorgeous dresses for only 25l$.. a must have!

Here's what Aradhana Voight, the designer, says on her blog about this indian holiday:
"11 March 2009 we celebrate Phagua or the Holi (also the spring/color festival called). The Vedic era runs up to and including 26 March but because it is of 12 up to and including 26 March dark halves of the month (Krishna Ppaksha) none is celebrated. Concerning Holi it is, however, said that it celebrates new years is but it is therefore actually the day before. The new vedic year always starts in the light half of the month (Shukla paksha) this year on 27 March and the vedic year is 2066. This new year day is called Varsha Pratipada . On this day an orange flag is (djandi) placed in front of the house and at the door pot with water and flowers and some people do rituals for benedictions. Thus the first Nauratri start at the same time (9 saint nights of Dhurga). The Holi celebrates the victory of good over evil, the light over darkness, of knowledge over ignorance, of right and truth over injustice and falsehood. Then there are prayers for world peace and the earth. Five weeks before Holi on Basant Panchami (birth day of Saraswati) the oil is planted. Called on the evening before Holi, Holika Dahan, there is dance jointly there and sung at a large fire, everyone brings branches and wood so that the fire can burn long. On the day of Holi one starts early with throwing dye and paint to each other. The meaning of the colours which are used at this festival, give to that there are as many different people with different ideas/thoughts and belief convictions as there are colours. It is the intention all to throw out anger to each other and thereby everything can be said. At exactly 13.00 in the afternoon stops the Holi feast and there is no longer thrown with painting ed. Everyone will take a shower to go together after to eat. One wishes each other a happy new year but the festival must wait still up to 27 March this year. Much pleasure and happy Holi wished"

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