Sunday, March 29, 2009

Me getting married, awesome people and RFL

Greetings all!

Normally news about my personal life (even if it's my second life) should be posted here, and they will be, soon, with loads of pictures and all. But right now I would like to tell you about the awesome and generous designers who helped make the blushing bride something close to perfection *giggles*. And especially these two:

When I asked my friend Fredrik Writer if he could make me a pair of wings to match my wedding dress, he didn't think for even a second and said yes right away. And they were perfect, exactly what I wanted. I asked him if he could wait until after the wedding to start selling them in his shop, and that's when he told me he had no intention of selling them! He said since he'd given them to me full perm I could sell them myself... Well this is what I'm doing, sort of...

Aryanna DeCuir's talent and generosity are as big as her discretion, but if you read this blog, you probably have heard about her already... she creates, among other beauties, delicate skins. This exclusive design is the one she made as a custom work for my wedding:

Now what's so special about these items? Both are sold in RFL vendors, which means ALL proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. And you can get them in the following places:
Rosie's Thingies, at the Ancient Dreams market
The Store of Tan Tantalus, in Avilion Vale

Now more on RFL:

Since the clothing fair has ended, yet more amazing people have decided there should be a place where the designers could put their RFL vendors all in one place, and here is the result: the RFL market! Look how nice it is! Here's what the sim owners say about the place:
"One World One Hope - Je'taime offers a marketplace to "Relay For Life" - Everybody and every team can use this with just a small Market-License fee of 100L which is also donated to ACS. The goal is to find a collection of designers from all over the grid who will offer their latest designs as well as the items that have been available for sometime now. They will also offer older discounted clothes. The aim of the market place is to have available something for everyone with fashions for both men and women, and also every genre imaginable. Everybody can offer products - only a RFL donated vendor must be used to do so - this is to ensure that with every purchase 100% of the sale goes directly to the American Cancer Society.If you are interested in being involved in this great way to both market your Company and help a great charity, please contact a member of our committee (Saiasunshine Fackler, LordRaizer Cervantes, Aurum Klees, Kelly Parker, Marscha Lowey, Mascha Boa and Nightfly Gothly)

While I was there earlier I met designer Mascha Boa and visited her shop... I found this very pretty and sexy gown, not free but nice all the same. It comes in a gazilion colors and I love it!

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