Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Avilion Mist... dreams gowns

If you all remember right, you know I'm a roleplayer in Avilion. And in Avilion sims, there is Avilion Mist Store, a delightful place where you can find all the creations of Lady Serenity Sieyes and Lord Malakh Giles.
And here is one if the last one. Eruanna.

I got a real hard time to pick a color but I went for the "Summer" one which is, if you ask me, just perfect on Suavana. The outfit comes with different styles of skirts and sleeves, and also a gorgeous jewelry set.

Well, I think whatever else I could say wouldn't make enough honor of the work here, so I will just let you enjoy the pictures ... and run to buy your own.

And here is another piece of art by Serenity Sieyes - Genevieve Regal Set.
Again you have possibility to choose between a few styles of skirts, sleeves and even shoes!
Two colors of those adorable shoes are available in this set; Gold and Blue.
I think a lot of Ladies will feel like Cinderella soon in Avilion Grove Ballroom

*grins* Yes .. I couldn't help myself but to play Cinderella on the picture. I hope you enjoy the work and it shows just some of the possibilities you can obtain with this outfit.

It is just gorgeous. Period.

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