Thursday, March 19, 2009

RFL Fair, besides the fun of shopping.

Third day of the Fair and today I am not going to show you some more shops.
It has been my wish so far, to give you a look at all of them, in order to let you know what is where, and more than that, to give a fair advertising to all of them, no matter if they're big, famous, sponsors or not.
In this fair, I have designers I love, but I haven't been to the fair to support them, but to support the cause. Relay For Life. What name could have fit better the cause ?
We relay our strenght for the lives of those touched by cancer. We relay financial support for the research, so maybe one day we can kick this sickness away.
Today I would like you, my dear readers to take one minute to look at all the work accomplished there. Don't rush to the shops and give a look around.
The sims have been built with attention, every details are lovely to look at.
There is love in it. There is dedication.

I couldn't find a book or a mailbox to drop a thank you and congratulations, but here it is.
To Nevar Lobo and Amethyst Starostin, thank you for organising the fair.
To all the builders who helped them to prepare the sims, thank you.
To all the sims sponsors, thank you.
To all the designers, thank you.
To everyone donating, thank you.
To all the kind of press, bloggers and informations relayers, thank you.

To all who have faced or are facing cancer, we are with you. We don't forget the ones we lost, we stand near the ones who fight. We'll never stop.
And last I would say... to the kids, we try to make your future a better one. We Relay For your Life to be.

Enjoy your day. Mae.

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