Monday, March 9, 2009

MysticHope makes a lady happy !

Yes, I couldn't help myself but to go back to MysticHope and I got so many nice outfits... I had to tell you to go there !
On the left, Mae is wearing the free gift you'll find inside the coffin. Just touch it and it will open for you, giving you the opportunity to grab the male or the female free outfit !
The other three outfits are from the lucky chairs. You will find them downstairs at the Mystic Paradise. Nothing is more than 50L !!

[Hair from Vixen - Myth - From the Lucky chair]
[The hair on the ground pose is from MysticHope, from the lucky chairs]

And the Eremit outfit.. it is g o r g e o u s ! It was a previous camping prize, but I couldn't NOT show it to you. You'll find it available in different colors at the 50L area!

[Hair from FNKY Cake - Harlow (not free)]

[Thighs high boots were a gift from Sweeter than Candy ]

And I just couldn't NOT but the Earth Brown Outfit. It is just 50L. So go there, have a look and make yourself a little gift ladies :)

[Red hair from Magika - From the Christmas gifties]

[Boots from Sentou Yousei - Lucky chair gift !! a place a to check]

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