Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh my God.... Fallen Gods

First of all my sweet pies ...

*grins and refrains about commenting Alia's title*
I don't remember how I happened to get the LM of Fallen Gods, whoever sent it to me .. Thanks !! But today I decided to check what this place was. And just wow.
It's not only a shop, it a whole amazingly well-built area with so many things to do !

Get the scroll at the entrance to know everything you can do there... (i.e. explore, enjoy a gentle afternoon in the forest, near the sea, seek hidden treasures, fish, swim .. etc etc etc..)

And did I mention the hidden treasure ? There is a small scroll in the sand right at the landing point. Take it! Solve the riddle and find the reward!
Here is what you will get if you do it !

Hair: Vixen (left one - Myth - Lucky chair) * Magika (right one - Silky - 10L)

Necklace: Fallen Gods (lucky chair gift)

If you are a good drow... or human, you can get this deliciously sensual outfit from the lucky chair.

Ahhh I felt like dancing in the woods wearing this outfit, but it's kinda ... a little bit revealing when you don't have the matching skin... Here the long hair comes handy. But as I said, I had been a very good drow and I got lucky enough to get the Fleur skin from the fortune chair.

Hair: Laqroki - Rain - not free (left one).. and I'm sorry I forgot from where I got the second one.

Now if you are a very very very good drow.. or human.. whatever *grins* .. and if you find the hidden unlucky chair.. you can get this awesome bed. But Alia.. can't you sell the matching guy to take the blue poseball? *giggles*
Now... Get back to SL and hurry to Fallen Gods !

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