Sunday, March 15, 2009


Wandering some place you'll know very soon about (like in the next post to come :p), I got the pleasure to meet one of the great lady of Mela'ryn. Talking of her store, fashion, blogging and how much I enjoy their creations, I ended up spoiled with those little pieces of art to blog. So, please have a seat my lovely ladies, and start the shopping list.. *grins*

Below are shown the sexy and fighty Silver Leaf outfit, the delicious and flowerish Flower Fae set and the charming and innocent Enchanted Fae mint.

What did you think ? It is not over yet !! I have still these two stunning gown to show you !
Sparkle Teal and Coria Valley in the middle. Elegant and coming with a lovely necklace for the Sparkle one, those gowns will make you feel like a princess and you'll just have to find a dance partner till the end of the night.

Now a bit less medieval but still as lovely, the BB patchwork outfit (with two legs cuffs styles) and the Cream and Pink set will please you just as much as they did please me!! Very cute and daily look like, you can wear them just about everywhere !!

No name could have suited this outfit better than its name "Wise Woman"... because you'll be a very wise woman if you go and buy it ! I mean this is just adorable, amazingly well detailled, and .. and ... and ... you can even get the matching boots OR the sandals!! Really, and I'm talking to you roleplayers now, this outfit is perfect for so many of you ! Would you be a fighter or a druid, it'll fit you and if you just love great clothes .. what do you wait to go and get it ?

Hmmm this would repeating me too much .. so ok.. look, admire the Woodland Fae outfit and now... you know what to do. Also note the outfit comes with the jewels, cloak, arm bands and headband. Boots to get seperatly.

And last but so not the least... Serafina. A true piece of art. I only show you a few colors available here but wow.. it is delicate, it is delicious and sensual.. in one word.. it is a must have !

Thanks to the wonderful Erielle Clary and Vanilla Jessop for giving me so much pleasure to blog and for giving us such great outfits to get !

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