Saturday, March 7, 2009

Introducing... Queen... and [42] skins!

Hi! My name is Queen December and I don't really have a life... I am what people call an alt, an alternate character, Rosie's alter ego. I have a job though, I am a model at Ancient Dreams the medieval market where Rosie and Mae sell their creations (you may want to take a look, Rosie makes charming pose rugs and Mae makes lovely celtic furniture)and Boaz Sands has her main shop there, Simply Fae.
As far as skins are concerned, I basically have two favorites, and one of them, [42] Skins has just released a new freebie, those lovely gothic skins. They come each in both "shaved" and "not shaved" options, and as usual, the plus side is the tintable eyebrows.
The dress I am wearing is the Simply Fae's Amelia in sky (see previous post about the Amelia gowns)

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