Friday, March 13, 2009

The Rising of the Phoenix

Yes! **Phonix Designs** and **Firefall** are back for our greatest enjoyment.
New store, new outfits, a sale and lucky chairs !!!

Have a look at that amazing new location. Warm colors, stunning sky... It is just great just to be there.

And take a closer here... Carefully placed in its lava net, the phoenix egg awaits to rise from its ashes again and takes your breathe away when it does !

But now, let's speak of newness.. The Robin outfit. Elegant and feminine at once, you can choose from different style; with or without the skirt, different chest part look etc..

You can pick your color from the 6available .. or if it's too hard.. Just take the fat pack !

And I got lucky enough to get the Rust version from the gentle lady Rainy Tomsen, but you can get it on the lucky chair also !

Then I got spoiled with the Raveness set ... and wow.. it's so delicious and forgive me the pun but ... I felt light as a feather under the moonlight !
(Clothes are not from the set)

Seems the luck was with me because I even managed to get the Luthien dress in green from the lucky chair. An amazing outfit, very nicely detailled and so elegant ! Believe me, it is a must have for you. You feel so lady like and the gentlemen won't miss to notice you !

Now to speak about the sale ! The wonderful Jasfrasa Mayo has placed a few items on sale, so run and take it before it ends !

The Luthien Fat Pack, on sale for 1200L, with those six delicious outfits in it .. it is really a treat !

The Laoise boots are available for only 175L each !! They are so nice and if you own the outfit from Husky, they'll match it !

And yes... speaking of boots .. I couldn't resist but to buy the fat pack of the HighHeels Boots. But how could I have resist ?? 7 colors of those stunning boots for only 500L. Yes, I couldn't.

I hope you've enjoyed this post as much as I did doing it. I *love* this shop and I really advice you to go and take a look there lovelies, you won't regret it. That's for sure.


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