Friday, March 6, 2009

And here it is ladies !
As Rosie told you, the delicious Karigan is holding a sale at Husky ... 50% off !
And since Rose made you all wanting to know more here are some outfits you can buy at the sale! []

First of all, Earwen: Cute, sexy, perfect for evenings with your special one *wiggles her eyebrow*. And have a look at that price ... 99L for the outfit
AND You can also get the ADD-ON pack (available for each color) for another 99L !

Now if you feel more like temptress and fighter, Idril *IS* what you must get.

It's not sexy.. *~It's Smexy~* Your curves Ladies will look so gorgeous in this outfit, men will just fall on the ground seeing you ! And for 225L, it's a treat !

And what to say about Lineawen. Well actually since Kurgan said he would love to see me in, I guess I'll await to know his favourite color and buy one for myself because it is just 275L !

Looking at all the details of the clothing, of the jewelry, this adorable outfit is just purrrrfect!

And look at the matching sandals !! 88L !! I had to buy them !

*coughs* Yeah .. i know, I had bought shoes like just before .. but those boots are great !
The style is quite simple, sober, but the little jewel in the front part makes them look so good!
For 125L, you can have the greatest boots ever ! [the little outfit I wear here was from the 14hearts hunt which happened ... guess where... at Husky !]
*looks at herself and sighs of contentment* Niphredil... ahh Niphredil is my own favourite.. I'm sorry Courage, Earwen and all the other outfits.. I love this outfit the very second I saw it.
You can even play with the style with the cloak on/off, hood etc... Price:225L - Different colors available at the store.
A night out ladies? Surprise your gentleman with this Nynette outfit! Simple but sexy as possible, and it also allows you to pick between the two colors in the pack ! And you even have the matching underwears *rawr* for 199L.

Tonia, elegant, formal, warm.. Yes ... I see it in your eyes now. The worse will be when you have to pick a color. Price: 299L

And to finish the style till the tip of your toes.. Get the boots ! 135L

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