Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wishing you a "Fierce" 4th of July

Newness at Fierce !
Those dress are (An)Atomic Bombs ! Or at least makes you look like one !
But to celebrate the 4th of July, nothing compares to the Yanky Doodle outfit ! Except maybe the boxer one ! [Note the boxing pose is included in one of the gloves!]
More styles after the cut, along with all credits!

Just because I couldn't resist those, here are the other colors of the Atomic Dresses and ...
... for the most US patriotic (or just for the fun), you can be the Lady Liberty !
[Here as well, pose included in one of the torches]
And the last one, the yellow dress is gift for the Firecracker hunt ! Cute isn't it ?

Hair: All styles shown are from Wasabi Pills at Hair Fair.. Incoming post !
Dresses and accessories (except boots) : Fierce
Boots: Aluinn Wrapped boots
Skin: Paige by Filthy

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