Friday, July 1, 2011

Eclectic feelings

Escaping from the RL world (finally!!)
I feel like being eclectic tonight ! So yes.. that's a collar around my neck. And yes, that's the keys hanging onto it. First come, first served should I say *grins* but my heart is already taken so the lock won't open except for him !
Anyway, enough joking, this collar (which while not being into Gor nor SM things, I find darn sexy) is from Red Mint. The not any less sexy and wild hairstyle is Kage by Tribal Soul. Brand new.
The dress is Jacqueline ... and I swear I own a spanking for I've been wearing that dress for a moment, and just realised i've never shown it to you. Anyway it's from Poised.
The ankle boots are adorable, aren't they ? And Adore is their name. Recent release by Filthy as well as the skin worn in the first two pics.. called Paige and the eyes from the fabulous Douceur set.
And this is Ivalde & L'Abel creation for Moody Monday. Loved the summery look of it ! Shown here with the Celeste hair by Beautiful Dirty Rich.
Enjoy a few more looks of Jacqueline dress in all the colors available after the cut !

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