Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pr!tty and Split Ends

Hey ... I know I'm being late but ... well without going into details, RL hold me away from you and .. well even late I really had to show you those pretty styles from the sadly-closed-now Hair Fair. But good thing is ... the designers are still there and I encourage you to visit their store for they're really full of talent !
First is Pr!tty... and the name suits quite well her creations!
Athena in Carrot Cake color
Indie Braid Version in Coffee Bean Color
Local Native in Blonde Color - Feather Band is optional
And then comes ... Split End's DBS Heart.. which is surely not any less fabulous looking!
Escape in Ebony
Chance in Sienna
Winnie in Deepbrown

So ... now you know what you have to do
==> Pr!tty
==> Split End's DBS Heart

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