Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Skin and Hair

Yes ... I know.. very original title, but while the items I'm about to show you are supa-great.. I couldn't come up with a equally great title.
So, I hope you'll appreciate the pictures :)
First one is Al Vulo skin from GSP - Nilpez Ophelia Dream.. Available here. I must say the eye's makeup was really the +++ point for me. Giving depth and style to your eyes [Mines being Cat's Eyes in Amber by Banana Banshee]. The cute & smexy hair I'm wearing is Becky by Truth. I'll show you more of it in another picture !
Second is ... Lala Moon hair. I just ran down this store at Hair Fair..and got a huge crush for a short hairstyle I showed you before [Grace shown here] and now I just wanted to show you that RuRu Nagy does not only rock short hairstyles ! This one is called Red Shoes and.. if you ask me, the messy&curly look totally works ! Thanks Ruru !
The skin is still by Al Vulo and I shall show it to you more clearly in soon-to-be-written post ! It's Pollon skin in Fairy version!
And as promised.. another look to Becky by Truth. For those of you who visited Truth District as it opened, Becky was the opening gift from Truth. Coming in a bunch of color, with or without the streak option, I really liked this creation with the delicate hairband, adding a touch of color and style!
Skin is again Pollon Fairy by Al Vulo.. so if you want to see more of it, stay tuned !! Upcoming post!

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