Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Plastik

/me takes a deep breath and tries to calm down

OK, so calm-ness failed miserably but OH MY GOSH!!! To quote Agnes "He's so fluffy I think I'm gonna DIE!" but Aikea from The Plastik has decided to give away LOADS (and I mean LOADSSSSS) of gifties in both her subscribo and group. And there were SO many gorgeous tops, dresses, shorts, capris, skins, makeups, tattoos that I didn't have enough room to blog them!
How devastating is that?!
So what I've done is shown you a few of the gorgeous pieces that she's been kind enough to gift!

(The last pic, both the skin and the paint tattoo are available)

You should probably run to get them while their still available!

Saff xx

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