Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In my blouse

Still some of the pretties that were sleeping in my invent during this break.
Loving the style of them, casual but feminine and stylish!
First one is a creation by a designer which is still new to me; Kesseret from Miao. [I know.. you might wonder how comes The Cat didn't know a store called Miao.. well now it does!] and it's the Robin Empire Blouse (here shown in Amethyst, but loads of colors available).
Second is the Navy Blouse by Y&R. The "skirt" part was a great touch to the look if you ask me.

About the cute hairstyle, it's of course from Wasabi Pills and it's call Pompon (you might wear it without the headband if you prefer).

Enjoy !


  1. Thank you for blogging my blouse!!!! <3 Us Cats must stick together ;) I LOVE your blog name btw. <3

  2. Thank you so much !!! :) and I agree.. we must stick together !!