Thursday, July 28, 2011

Haru Haru !

Long time since I had blogged about Rebel Xtravaganza.. I remember them taking part in the Look What the Cat Brought hunt thought.. and believe me, since that the designs kept evolving and getting better !!
Proof with the Haru skirt.. brand new and totally fashionita !
While I'll be showing you a fairly nice panel of the skirt versions... believe me there is MUCH more to see! Options with the belts, different textures etc... loads of options!
I loved the "floating" look of it and the textures are greatly made to enhance this appearance.
Speaking of enhancing, I thought the combination of the (Al Vulo) Pollon Fairy skin (bonus one in fatpack!) with the Becky hair by Truth (streaked one) and the bikini's top from Severed Garden was perfect for a fresh summery look !

Enjoy !

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