Sunday, July 3, 2011

Did you take your daily Wasabi Pills ?

If not, hurry up at their store at Hair Fair, for the styles there are woooooot !
 I must say Mochi hair got my preference... I just fell in love for these cute curls and tails !
Trish Hair comes in simple or double version... Above is Simple, below is Double.
Zack, although it's more meant to be male hair i think, can be worn perfectly by the other sex ! Don't you agree ?
And Libby ... well that little tail on the top of the head just made me go "Awwwiiie" cause my little niece always wants her hair like this !
 So hurry hurry hurry at the Fair !!

Bikini: From the set made by Al Vulo and Severed Garden (upcoming post about it !) and the skin is latest version of Al Vulo - Miha in Bronze tone
Tops: Maretch top by Ayla

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