Sunday, July 31, 2011

Feeling like a Goddess...

Some days... you're just lucky.
Yesterday when the little chatbox "Fallen Gods Inc." opened in my SL, I didn't think it'd end up with this post. But here it is, after facing (and winning over!!) the Fortune Teller, I found myself with a pretty package.
"Aureum" is a gorgeous and golden creation by Fallen Gods and while I tried it on, I knew exactly where to go to get some pretty pictures.
To Fallen Gods sim of course.
Alia is not only a talented builder but excellent with landscaping as well. His store sim as well as the sims around are on my "Picture Sites" list !!
Anyway.. time to go back to Aureum and to show you the pretty design !
(If you're wondering, yes this picture is slightly edited... no major changes don't worry but if you want to check the unedited one, hop onto my flickr here)
The second one is not edited at all .. just wanted to let you appreciate details in the jewelry as well as in the skin !

So... don't hesitate, go and try your luck with your friends at the fortune teller and if it's not nice to you... just take a walk around, it's worth it !

Not included in Aureum pack
Hair: Dee by Tribal Soul
Eyes : Cat's eyes by Banana Banshee

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