Thursday, July 7, 2011

RezIpsa Loc at Hair Fair

Quick Morning post ! RezIpsa Loc at Hair Fair is definately a must-see !
Check some of the fabulous styles you can find out there!
Edith: I definately got a soft spot for that one !! Love the short tail on the side and the texture changing knot ! [option is available for all hairstyles]
Ellen.. is terribly cute and come with two parts... so.. while the longer look might be the original style...
... in my opinion, the short one is not bad looking either !
Hani Bun and ...
Helen Bzz are the dollarbies for this year ... Yes, you'll get bees flying around your head ! ^-^
And the original Helen hair is also available there !

So don't wait more!! Go go go !

Credits: Shape (Tania) and Skin (Miha in Bronze - Peacock makeup) by Al Vulo
Dress : Holiday Stripes - July Gift by Poised

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