Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Mamboo Chic!

First off, congratulations to Mae, lots of love being sent her way from this fae!

And on to the freebies!
Ahh so two new Mamboo Chic freebies, gorgeous skins, as per usual, with delicious lips and the flawless skin I adore, perfect!

And the lovely hair is from Dura which is the summer group gift which you can collect instore. It's available in black and blonde but I just wore the blonde (with the resizer option) tinted it red, deleted the resize script and voila, I have ginger hair again!

I know you can barely see the dress I'm wearing but if you'd like a closer view visit Saffron's Place for details (plus another cheap hair and freebies!)

Saff x

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