Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Je suis... Jolie

That's what tons of ladies in SL will be able to say once they got the latest release by Filthy, skin called Jolie (means Pretty in French)
Jolie in Fair 4, Ivory 5, Sunkissed 6
Jolie line comes in 6 tones: Bronze, Cocoa, Expresso, Fair, Ivory and Sunkissed. Each of those tones being available in 8 different makeups.
Jolie in Bronze 8, Cocoa 2, Expresso 3
And.. I wanted as well to show you the 2nd Hub groupgift.. which while it's not called Jolie, is surely as pretty !
How to get it... Well quite easy if you follow those steps:
1- Join/Register 2ndHub
2- Confirm your e-mail
3- Activate your account at the slurl given to you (which should be this one )
4 - Enter 2 or 3 fields in your profile (Marked with a star *)
5 - Join the group at this adress

Enjoy !!! 
Hair: In the Jolie pic: Grace by Lala Moon * In 2nd Hub pic: Becky by Truth

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