Friday, July 1, 2011

I'll take you to the Candy Shop

Yeah I know .. this songs does not speak about the candy for kids, but if you didn't already watch The Hangover movie and don't tell me he did not make you want to swing your hips when it comes to this song!
Above picture is showing you the Candy Doll swimwear that was out for Lazy Sunday (available but at full price at the store). Also Red Mint skin and ears !
The pictures below are showing.. on a skin point of view ... different version of the Paige skin, recently released by Filthy, just like the Adore Ankle Boots and the Douceur Eyes.
Concerning the clothes, above is the Hottie Brown top and T.B Blue Light Jeans.
Below, let me tell you that "In The Navy"this is a fashion torpedo ! But I found the Vintage Navy Red outfit so terribly cute !
Note that in the cuteness field of action, Wasabi Pills has done quite good results with the Juliette hair.
And to end ... the F A M A swimwear in Margareta and BaBy Blue!
Summer's going to be hot !

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