Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ze Bubbles, ze bubblez ze bubbles....

MY BUBBLEZ! I was having a look through one of my favourite flickr groups (what the fug) and stumbled across the name of a shop that I saw had lucky boards! So i wandered into the shop and found these adorable cupcakes! Great freebies, if only I still owned a SL house!

So after hanging around at the Lucky Boards for a while (must join group to use, free group though) and won these lovely earrings! I won some other things, top, jeans, blind fold, there are loads of boards there!

Ohhh, like my hair?! Yeah that's Magika (only 199l)! I thought I'd trial the punk look and decided I adore it! (Bald Base is free @ Tiny Bird)


Saff x

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