Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fur Japan...

Hello Folks!

A couple of weeks ago, I was telling you about the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser and how hundreds of SL designers had got back together to present you exclusive items to raise money to help the human victims of the japanese tragedy. You'll be glad to hear we have raised over 5 milion l$ so far. Well today, I'd like you all to give a thought about your home pet : cat, dog, bunny, cockatail, iguana, god knows what... I am personnally a cat person, so when I received the message from Blazin Aubret that something had to be done about the japanese animals, I wondered what I would have done, should the catastrophy have hit my area... Would I have grabbed my cat on the way, even if that meant risking dying myself? I think so, although I may not have had a choice... Thousands of animal in Japan have been hit by the tragedy, and, like Blazin, and hundreds of others, I think they deserve to be helped. 

Project for Japan sim has been open for less than 24 hours, and already, YOU are making a difference in these animals' fate. Read more about it here

And if you still need convincing, let me just show you what I grabbed there :

Credits :
  • Pout skin (exclusive make up) from Curio
  • Babydoll hair from Truth
  • Complete outfit (includes necklace and shoes) from Duck Nipple
  • Oak eyes (exclusive) from Banana Banshee

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