Saturday, April 30, 2011


And yes! We'be been spoiled with another treat by Surreal from Deviance!
Arcane Dancer Silks.
It's gorgeous (as per usual), delicate (as per usual) and sexy (as per usual!). Warning though.. it's only prim so... might need to adjust it to your own shape ^-^. OR you can wear it with the shape generously sent with the outfit! Note it also comes with two options, gold or silver !
Demon's Mistress Outfit
And playing with this outfit, I fell inside my Deviance's deviance and decided to dig out my favourites for you. Yeah I know... spring cleaning and nostalgy go well together but you'll see it's all good and major part of those were gotten as gifts ! Some are still available at the Lucky Chair or the Apple Bobbing!
Enchantress Outfit

Pirate's Mate outfit

Sorceress Costume

Elementalist Outfit - Orbs are from Glitterati BSC hunt

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