Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Show must Go On

And with Virtual Props and Poses... you're always rocking the show ! Now spice it up with a skin from Al Vulo! and outfits by Fantasia and you get ...
... this !
My dear friend Shay kindled directed me to this fabulous gift by Virtual Props and Poses, specially set out at Shay's HQ ! It comes with 10 poses and you can also make your own background.. isn't it amazing ?
The sexy skin is the actual group gift by Al Vulo and is a special version of Renzie line called Eclypse.. and I'm getting each time more in love for those skins!
And the sexy outfit is made by Fantasia, store that I've just happened to discover lately from the Fantasy Faire and I have to say I've very much like what I saw there ! I hope to show you more of their creations soon!
Hop after the break !!!

Fantasia - Naiad Seagrass
Fantasia Nerrin Blue
Who said cats and fishies can't go well together ? ^-~
And, the plus I've loved from Fantasia... the packaging is adorable !

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