Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mix and Match Hunt

Morning kittens ! Have you done the Mix and Match Hunt yet? No ? Then you should.
Have a lookie at the prizes I've grabbed doing it !
Non MMH stuff: Skin - Old LionSkins gift / Cat's ears by ATOMIC
1: Outfit - MMH by Jojo's * Hair - MMH by Adoness (also wings in the pack) * Glasses - MMH by Aidoru
2: Outfit - MMH by Poised .. daring and sexy.. all i love !
3: Outfit - MMH by Doomsday
Non MMH stuff - Same as above
4: Outfit - MMH by 22769 Casual Couture (wanna find that in RL!)
5: Bikini & Shoes by MMH by Beautiful Dirty Rich (note the gift contains an awful lot of items to mix and match and they were all gorgeous !! But to be fair, I just show one look !)
Non MMH stuff: Hair - Recently released by EMO-tions
6: Outfit - MMH by Mayden Couture * Flats - MMH by Urban Warehouse
7: Skin - MMH by mISs rOUX
8: Jeans - MMH gift by HolliPocket * Top - MMH by Just Me
9: Outfit - MMH by .:Shush:.
10: Outfit (includes dress, bunneh and easter basket(not shown here)) MMH by Fierce

+ and that's a great plus for Bloggers... Magnifique has set out a box of poses as MMH gift !

If I get time I'll show you more of the goodies !

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