Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fantasy Faire: Fallen Gods

I've been long loving Alia Baroque's creation and even got the priviledge to get his store "Fallen Gods" taking part in our first Look What The Cat Brought Hunt... and today I'm very glad to show you the skins made for Fantasy Faire, where Alia is once again sponsoring a fabulous sim "Enchanted Mysts".

So here are the Crystal skins !
Crystal: Pure in natural and gloss
There are 4 different styles: Elegance, Gloss, Natural and Corruption and each one is made in the 4 lines availables there: Fae, Opal, OpalFae and Pure.
Crystal: Pure in Elegance and Corruption
Keep reading after the break to discover a sample of all those lovely creations !
Crystal: Fae in Elegance and Gloss

The Fae skins are just magical.. and note the eyes I'm wearing in this post are group gift, as well as are the PG add-ons ^-^
Crystal: Fae in Natural and Corruption
And here is the Opal Line. Opal Fae is similar to Fae but with blue shades.
Crystal: Opal in Gloss and Natural

Crystal: Opal in Elegance and Gloss
If I wasn't a cat, I could get tempted and be a fae of SL !

Hair: Baby cocoa and lemon cherry, both recolored to matched the skin. Look for the freebal at the entrance of Analog Dog

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