Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fantasy Faire: Illusions

With Illusions, enchantment starts from the moment you get your item delivered in this delicate and lovely little box.

Then you open the box, and you believe in miracles...
Hyacinth & Ararauna Macaw wings

These wings are the donation items by Illusions, a store you might know for its delightful, delicate and elegant
masks and accessories. I matched it here with one the donation outfit by Evie's Closet, Lumina Nymph, but I'll show you more of this in another post !
I just loved how cute and colorful those wings are, and when you know all benefits go for such a great cause, you cannot even feel guilty of shopping spree!

Wings - Hyacinth and Ararauna Wings by Illusions (Fantasy Faire donation item)
Outfit - Lumina Nymph by Evie's Closet (Fantasy Faire donation item)
Hair - Chel by ETD

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