Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fantasy Faire: Moonstruck and Fantavatar

Moonstruck and Fantavatar are taking part in the Fantasy Faire on Enchanted Mysts and Fantastical and Magical sims.
Luna Barak is the great mind hiding behing all those amazing creations and believe me... they're so worth every linden .. particularly when the proceeds go to the research !
But enough talking .. time to show the piccies !

And ... my little thingie.. but I do love when nice things come in nice packages... just like this one !

Brenna in Purple
Read after the jump to see all the pretties !

Brenna in Purple

Caterina in Black&amp&White
Genziana in Black
Elven Shoes - Red Daisies
Galen in Blue
Galen in Blue

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