Thursday, April 28, 2011


*squeals* One big joy in a blogger life.. or well.. in my blogger life is to get pretty poses to blog. And I've been to Glitteratti... I knew I'd find amazing stuff.
What I didn't know is that I'd find that MUCH of amazing FREE stuff ! So I got MUCH MUCH MUCH fun playing with those and here are my piccies !
This fabulous box is gift for Best Selling Creations Hunt.. and the light orbs come with it.. About 10 poses are stuffed in it so be sure you'll see this regularly !!! ^-^

The Lapdance couch is here.. for free.. waiting for you at the entrance. 3 females poses / 3 males poses.. Color changing cushions.. and glasses of champagnes for free !
Those upcoming pictures will show you the Season Hunt gift, including tables, chairs and pennant !
Needless to say tons of poses included.. isn't it ?
Hurry !!!

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