Saturday, April 16, 2011

New feelings ?

... of course.. new emotions !
EMO-tions - Unisex hair Smith (Scarf included in the FEEL line)
Enjoy the newness by EMO-tions with new hairstyles and outfits to mix and match.
Left: FEEL flat shoes black; FEEL Highskirt black; FEEL white blouse  Right: FEEL dress black
All the pieces of the FEEL line offer a bunch of possibilities for tons of different looks ! Look after the jump for more infos !

The highskirt comes with longer and shorter pants, and two different waistlines for the skirt. Plus the scarf and I have to say I fell in love for it !
And EVE III is also one of the latest hairstyle .. along with few others, but for those I invite you to visit the store!

Oh .. you liked my pretty skin. Stay tuned for next post, it's new by Al Vulo !

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