Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Dressing Room - Blue Style

Now first off I've done some small edits to Saff's shape and I'm curious if people notice and what they think so any comments would be gratefully received!

And now to the fashion!

The Dressing Room has a sibling under the guise of The Dressing Room Blue and they're having a birthday too all the items are under 70l$ in The Dressing Room Blue so I won't put prices by the images

So first we have hair by Exile Teyone, the hair is gorgeous with deeper shades mixing in with the fly away style, it comes in chilli (shown here), brown sugar, marble and sand. So you're not limited to being ginger!
Here we have two outfits for the price of one designed Kletva, if you don't like one - wear the other! I love both the outfits the first is simple, stylish and very lady gaga with the feathery plumes ....

And I love the monochrome look, effortlessly chic and stylish

Now let's take a closer look at the skin which is designed by MONS. I adore the little pouty glossy detail to the lips (nicely hi-lights Saff's new lip shape) and the smokey eyes are sultry and sexy. All in all a beautiful skin!

OH! And before I forget, I couldn't just walk past these AWESOME eyelashes and not buy them, it would be a travesty! They're by [glow] and in my opinion are easy peasy to fit (and I find lash fitting difficult) they're adorable, I love poppies, they're summery and so lovely to look at so having them on my eyes is a major plus!

So why are you still reading this?! Head on to The Dressing Room Blue and grab what you like before they're replaced with something new and equally exciting!!

Hair - (pic 2) Magika

(pic 3 & 4) Tiny Bird

(pic 5) Truth


Saff xx

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