Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fantasy Faire : Tekeli-li

When I first discovered Tekeli-li .. I think it was once more Shay's fault. Yeah she made me the fashion monster you know now... lol (actually I more thank her for making me quit my crappy "I-just-rezzed-look")
This year, you can find him on Sea of Mer sim at Fantasy Fair... and find as well those wonderful avatars!
Sailfish in Violet
Read and see more after the break !

Though the two avies are both stunning, I have to admit I had a soft spot for this first one Sailfish... Dark and captivating ... just like i love it !
But Koi avatar is also great, that's not to be discussed !
So get those RFL mer warriors out !
Koi in Aqua/White
And don't forget to make sure to visit entirely Tekeli-li store.. it's a treasure !

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